Storybook Labradoodles of        New Boston, New Hampshire

Storybook Labradoodles of        New Boston, New Hampshire


Felicity Kisses of Storybook ALAA-037789 and Storybook Juliet ALAA-041305

Felicity comes from a long line of champion AKC Chocolate Labradors and Chocolate Poodles.  As a former, lifelong owner of Labrador Retrievers, it did not take long to fall in love with the Labradoodle.  Felicity is soft, fluffy, and best of all she does not shed!  We can easily bathe her without wet hair remnants sticking everywhere and she does not have that "doggy smell" that so many labradors have.  We love our loyal, and extremely intelligent companion.

Felicity's daughter, Juliet, was born to us January 9, 2015!  She is beautiful, affectionate, so sweet, yet protective, and followed right in her mother's footsteps. 

Felicity and Juliet are very intelligent and family loving Labradoodles.  They are very protective of our family and their puppies.  They  have passed their health testing with flying colors and come from championship lines.  They are everything we were looking for in a dog!  At the park, Felicity and Juliet love to fetch and at home they enjoy cuddling with our children and being right at our side.